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Who We Are

Founded by Joseph Young in 2007, Neo Futurist Collective consists of a group of highly accomplished artists who have come together to celebrate urban noise in all its’ visual and aural forms.

Inspired by the Milan Futurists and the Art of Noises manifesto (Luigi Russolo, 1913), as well the poetics of the Dada movement, the collective are arch-modernists; united in the hope of a positive future where technology, art and humanity will unite to overcome pessimism, despondency and futile utopianism in all its spurious forms.


In an age of global warming, financial collapse and international terrorism, we ask "How can we respond to a pivotal artistic moment in 1914 - the first performance of the revolutionary noise symphony Awakening of a City. Born out of the build-up to the First World War, this most modern of works was composed for Russolo's intonarumori (or noise makers) ; only the first seven bars of the printed score remain.

In a series of ReAwakenings inspired by the original work, beginning with the launch of The Manifesto of NeoFuturism (2008) all the way through to the Concerto for Brutalist Buildings (2011) we attempt to transform the everyday language of urban sounds and visual noise (such as junk emails/the movement of capital) into performances, exhibitions and interventions that question our assumptions about the nature of beauty in a modern world of information overload.

Our latest project Revolution #10 aims to create A People's Manifesto of sound recordings, texts and photographs in an evolving exhibition. It is produced in conjunction with Fruit for the Apocalypse I will be in residence at Goldfinger Factory underneath the iconic Trellick Tower building in West London between 18-27th July every day 10-6. Private View and Opening 6-9pm July 25th. Admission free.

Further Information

Read the Neo Futurist Manifesto here.

Blog: http://neofuturist.blogspot.com

Joseph Young: http://artofnoises.com


Joseph Young :: Artist & Composer

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